End-to-End Data Science Solutions


We are one stop destination for End to End Data Science Solutions. We leverage your big or small data with Strategic Planning and Business Transformation.We use cutting edge Data Science Methodologies to produce Data Magic-We are Data Magicians!

Data Analysis and Data Visualization

We perform in-depth data analysis to extract patterns, insights, and value from your complex data using machine learning and new age algorithms.

Predictive Analytics and Statistical Modelling

We make use of advanced Feature Engineering Techniques and Statistical Modeling to predict future events – e.g. trends, pricing decisions, fraud risk, customer attrition etc

Strategic Planning and Business Transformation

We correctly interpret results from Predictive Analytics and simplify it with graphical reports for Top Managements.We leverage this findings with appropriate Strategic Planning for Business Transformation.

Big Data or Small Data,we filter and transform data into meaningful patterns

We are not mere Data Scientists,we are Data Magicians

Our Magical Process


This is most crucial part of Data Science Cycle where many organisation fails resulting into waste of time and money.We help organisation identify correct problems based on business context and constraints that can be solved by leveraging Data Science techniques to achieve Business Transformation and Success.


Identifying and filtering Correct Data from large and complex data to solve the identified problems is yet another critical task that demands efficiency and analytical skills.We apply best of Feature Engineering techniques to filter the required data.


Using cutting edge Machine Learning Techniques and Tools, we uncover hidden patterns within the data to derive value out of it.We use advance Predictive Analytics to predict important future events based on the filtered historical data.

Data becomes Dollars

We correctly interpret output of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics with regard to particular business context and constraints.Based on these conclusions,we help top management and stakeholders to create a strategic plan that can eventually lead to increase revenue and profit.

Passing through all Permutations and Combinations

What Every Business Needs to Know to Succeed

Our Data Driven findings provides 360 degree overview of business insights.Further these insights are passed through business rule book considering the business context and constraints to finally come up with new strategic plan.

Customer Analytics

We help organizations analyse purchase patterns, customer behaviors, lifestyle preferences etc and help them win customer satisfaction and loyalty.With the help of Predictive Analytics we further help them grow their existing customer base.

Operations Analytics

Drive superior operations and planning through demand forecasting, cost planning, granular sales, shipment forecasting etc.We are highly skilled to accomplish Contact Center Analytics, Store Operations Analytics and Resource Optimization for our clients.

Risk Analytics

Prevent and Mitigate Risks with the help of our state of the art Risk Analytics.We help client identify risks that can decay organisation growth and reputation by applying our data driven techniques.

Our Success Story

"We found Data Magic's expertise to be valuable in creating data driven strategic plans that can produce dramatic impact in boosting revenue and profit.We are impressed the way they provided end-to-end association right from problem definition stage to concluding it with strategic plan, making the entire process quite smooth and fast"
John Doe


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